Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year New Post

I realize I have not been good about posting to this blog regularly. I'm hoping in the New Year to have more time to spend with regular posts.

Generally, not too much has changed since my last post and this is part of the reason for a lack of posts. Never the less, here is what has been going on.

I decided with my therapist to drive to work for now. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal since I had already been driving to work. However, the difference is that previously I had been driving to work if my wife had been unavailable to take me on the subway in the morning. The problem with her accompanying me TO work was that inevitable I would end up taking a cab home. Usually I would take a bus part / most of the way down town and then grab a cab near City Hall but that cab ride ended up costing between $9 - $11 depending on where I got the cab and what time it was. I also would stress a little each day about how I was getting to work (was Pam going with me) and about "failing" to get on the subway to come home.

The plan now is to just drive to work every day - no anxiety about Pam being available or not to go to work with me, no anxiety about how to get home and no anxiety about ending up in a cab. The hope is that the decrease of stress about going to and from work will help put my mind in a better place.

Also, Pam and I are going to California the last week of January. I'm very much looking forward to that trip as I have not been back to San Diego since I lived there in 1997-98. (We are flying to LA, spending a few days there, then driving down to San Diego and spending three days there before heading back to LA to fly home). I've also never had much anxiety related to flying and I'm hoping that after the vacation and the flying I will feel more confident about just getting on the subway.

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