Thursday, January 27, 2011


I read online about various vitamin and mineral deficienes that can cause or rather increase the likely hood of panic attacks. Included in this list is magnesium. Based on the list of foods containing magnesium, very few of which I eat, and the fact that certain stomach problems can also cause loss of magnesium I have come to the conclusion that it couldn't hurt to start taking a magnesium supplement. I started on Monday although I haven't done any anxiety attack "tests" to see if I feel any different. I'm planning to start Monday the 31st by attempting to get on the subway alone.


  1. Hi,

    My psychiatrist advised me to take Omega 3 and he prescribed me Vitamin B complex since 2009. I felt both of them could help my anxiety getting improvement obviously.

    My anxiety was improved a lot until my psychologist found out my root cause of my illness in last month. My status is falling backwards a bit but I think it can be tackled.

    I heard there are US psychiatrists prescribe these two supplements to their patient. You may check whether it can help you too.


  2. I'm a teen with panic disorder and for vitamins I take d3, fish oils and flaxseeds pils. These all apparently help while being medicated.