Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Better Way?

There has got to be a better way to travel in NYC than the bus. OH RIGHT .. there IS! The subway! Now if I can just get my sh*t together so I can get back to riding the subway.

Last night I left my office to catch the bus down 2nd Avenue to Wall Street where I would hopefully take the subway one stop to Clark Street. I got to the corner at 5:30 and watched the bus pull away. It stopped at the next block because of a red light and so I ran to the corner to see if the driver would let me on. No dice.

I went back to the bus stop and checked the schedule. It said the buses ran every 6 - 7 minutes at that hour so I figured, no big deal. Well, it was more like 15 minutes before the next bus came. Never the less, I was on the bus and on my way down town to Wall Street. Or so I thought..

As we were waiting to make the turn on to Houston there was a blizzard of sirens and flashing red lights and I swear the bus almost got creamed by a fire truck. The bus finally made the turn on to Houston and pulled over at the stop and some people got off. However, no one got on and the bus doors stayed opened. Then there was a garbled annoucnment, the gist of which was that this was now the last stop due to the emergency activity more or less in front of us. GREAT!

I got out of the bus along with everyone else and walked a few blocks south and then grabbed a cab home.

I REALLY have to get back to riding the subway.

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