Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I ended up driving to work yesterday. I got an early call from someone at work regarding an issue with a client and so I started working from home. My wife had a call scheduled so we had a narrow window for her to travel with me to work but by the time I fixed the issue for our customer and was ready to head to work there wasn't enough time for my wife to make the trip and be back in time for her call. The drive was uneventful and one bonus was I found a cheaper garage to park in. So it wasn't all bad!

Today I'm at work -- back to the morning routine of going on the subway with my wife. However, I'm getting ready to head out from the office and try my first small step of taking the subway alone.. at least a few stops. There are several motivations behind this attempt. One, as I wrote about on Friday, the bus service really sucks. Two, I really want to get over this anxiety thing and enjoy one of those good cigars I promised myself. The third reason is that tomorrow I will not be able to travel the whole way with my wife. She has a meeting in NYC and so she will get off at 23rd Street. I realize that I could get out and walk or take a bus from there but is only two more stops from 23rd to work and so I'd like to accomplish that small step too!

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