Thursday, November 18, 2010

Working From Home

Today I worked from home. Not for any anxiety related reason but because it made sense. I have been working primarily on two projects. Project "A" was completed yesterday and project "B" is almost done. Project "B" required some bug fixing and validation of the bugs being fixed. I felt I would be more productive working at home on Project "B" than I would at the office. Part of that is due to an annoying co-worker.. but I won't get into that here.

Tomorrow I am probably going to drive to work. But I have a good reason. A while back my company started providing bagels on Fridays which is great. A co-worker and I, (not the annoying one mentioned above) are both big fans of donuts. (I have a sweet tooth). Said co-worker and I have been alternating buying Dunkin' Donuts on Fridays. Last week was my turn to bring in donuts but I forgot. So tomorrow I am planning to bring in special donuts -- ones made right when you order them. The place where I plan to purchase the donuts is not near a subway stop and I want to get them to the office still warm from the oil they were just cooked in. All of this adds up to driving rather than taking the subway.

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