Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Easier Said Than Done

I left my office yesterday and headed down to the subway. I moved to the front of the platform figuring that I would get on the front of the train so I could see out the front and that would make me feel better. The first train that arrived was packed and so I didn't even attempt to get on. The second one came and wasn't too bad as far as the crowd. I got on to the front car, however there were people at the very front so I could not get the seat I hoped to get where I could look out the front of the train. I stood on the train for a minute but then felt a surge building up inside me and so I quickly got off the train.

I waited for a few minutes to see if another train would come quickly, but it didn't. After what was probably only a few minutes but felt a lot longer, I started to get amped up and so I went back outside.

I walked across town over to where I would catch the bus but ended up taking a cab because I was getting sleepy from the Klonopin and just wanted to get home.

Today, Wednesday, I was supposed to take the subway in with my wife and attempt to go it alone from 23rd to 33rd street (only two stops.) However, we ended up driving in because my wife had her laptop and some other stuff for her meetings and preferred the car. Plus, since she was traveling into NYC for business she said I could put the parking garage on her corporate card.

So, as I've said often, tomorrow is another day.

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