Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2 - Trip Home

So I took a bus downtown as planned and then attempted to take the subway the last bit from downtown NYC to Brooklyn but was unable. I got as far as entering the station and standing on the platform. The train that arrived it was one of the old trains which aren't my favorite, and tend to be darker because of a different lighting configuration than the new trains but also because many of the light fixtures seem to be broken. In addition, the train was crowded -- not super packed, but no seats were available -- and so I didn't get on the train. I stayed on the platform for a few minutes thinking that perhaps another train would arrive quickly that would be less crowded and, most likely, a new train. But that didn't happen in the few minutes I was standing there. So I ended up taking a cab home. I'm not super happy about that, mostly because of the $9 cab ride. But I guess that's better than driving to work and paying $20 to park the car, or taking a cab the whole way and paying $24 for the cab plus tip. Tomorrow is another day...

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